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Watch out for: Scapular Muscle Imbalance


Do you know how to spot if Pec Minor is Dominant over Lower Trapezius in the Pull Movement? It’s an extremely common cause of neck / upper back / shoulder issues let me tell you.

Let’s get clever about seeing how clients move! This series of 5 Videos over the next 5 weeks will help you with precisely the Skill of Seeing.

Has it ever occurred to you that how well you see life at deeper levels, will determine how much unnecessary grief you will need to endure, and yet also show you opportunities you could not imagine in your wildest dreams?

So it is with human movement – the Skill of Seeing must be practiced diligently for  you to become a master of rehab and movement training. In a word, we want to name and shame DYS-functional Movement Patterns driven by our old friend: Muscle Imbalances. If you watched a client walk, or lunge, or do an overhead press, or bicep curl, or do a seated row – would you have the ‘competence’ and ‘confidence’ to name their Muscle Imbalance?

So, today is all about seeing Pec Minor dominance over Lower Trapezius, resulting in a dysfunctional pulling movement. Make sure you get clear on the “Lurch” – one of the easiest to assess through simple observation and practice!

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Learn to observe on clients our 5 Classic Muscle Imbalances that we have named and shamed in our recent series. If you missed some of them go back to our “Videos” room on the website to refresh your memory.