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Serratus Killer: The Supine High-Elbow Swiss Ball Push


Are getting that if you have any shoulder, neck or thoracic problems you need to be doing these Serratus Anterior Drills I’m giving you? Do them 2-3 x daily even if they are easy!

WHY you say? Because it is increasing the size of your Brain Switch for the muscle – and that simply makes it easier for the brain to access Serratus Anterior when you are doing overhead press, tennis serving, throwing, boxing, push-ups, upright row or swimming freestyle.

Of course, you will be ready to progress when you can easily do 20-30 reps or under load hold the exercise position for 20-30 secs. But still – use them in warm-ups.

Ready for the progression onwards from “Sleepy Body Builder“? Today we have a nice little Serratus Killer called the “Supine High-Elbow Swiss Ball Push” – full credit to Mark Davis for its subtle brilliance!

Cheerio and see you in 2 weeks when you are ready for the next progressions (and they are seriously harder!),