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If you have ever been to any of our face to face workshops on the shoulder …then you will know that we strongly advise you to prioritise LOOSENING of the external rotators of the cuff rather than strengthen them.

Later down the track when your scapular retraction is improved, you might want to strengthen you infraspinatus and terres minor. But it usually isn’t the critical thing especially if you have some kind of impingement problem deep in your shoulder on overhead or chest press.

Best way to know if you really need this Stretchband work on todays video is to see how your hand behind back mobility and control is – like in the video:

If it is painful, tight or awkward then you need to spend a heap of time on mobility work in today’s video:

Take care with that overhead press by the way – it needs real focus and careful progression to prevent impingement creeping in.

All the best!


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