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Poor Serratus Poor Posture


I’m delighted to be writing from Nelson Chong’s Functional Training Institutein Singapore. This place has become unofficially our Rehab Trainer HQ! – simply because they are so passionate and experienced in blending Functional Training and Rehab into one seamless process. With every client we are learning together how to improve functional strength and reduce pain.

Poor Serratus = Poor Posture
Mostly when we talk about retraining or improving posture we talk about the role of Lower Trapezius to pull the shoulder back and down, but lately I have been wondering if the role of Serratus Anterior is actually MORE important in good posture.

If your scapula is stuck forward and down due to Pec overactivity, or sits too high due to Upper Trap overactivity, then simply “ Back and Down” will NOT reposition the scapula and shoulders well – in fact it will make everything worse. True!

See the video for examples of trainers around the word all trying to effectively engage good scapular posture, even though they have “winging” (like me), or “Rounded Shoulders”, or overactive Upper Traps.

The challenge is for you to find the Brain Switch for Serratus Anterior in standing posture without load. Not easy… these days I am using different  Cues to help people learn it, depending on what works for them:

“Pull Your Armpit up to the front of your shoulder”, or
“Bring Shoulders up, back, down and…out towards your armpit”.


Try them – see which works for you. Did you get that you are actually doing a mini Lat Spread?

Now repeat 1000x….and enjoy feeling like a Body Builder  😉