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How Serratus Anterior Works

Ok, so now we have really explored what the movement of the shoulder looks like if Serratus Anterior functions poorly – you will see winging, excessive early elevation, poor scapular posture such as overactive pecs closing the chest, poor elevation preventing good upward rotation, and poor overhead press with the elbow not sitting directly under the load being pushed.

So, today’s video gives a functional anatomy summary of what the role of Serratus Anterior is, with my good friends Chris and Mark using skeleton “Bonezy” to demonstrate protraction and upward rotation.

Serratus Activation Series

And with our foundational understanding of Serratus stronger, next week we begin the Serratus Activation Series,  a heap of drills to wake up the sleepy, lazy main player of the fully functional shoulder!

We will take it from the easiest to the most complex, like we did earlier this year with Gluteus Medius (see our Videos and Rehab Cafe). We’ll take it from the painful shoulder through to underperforming athleticshoulder.

Basic motor control activation, through to fully functioning powerhouse of the shoulder – the Serratus Anterior deserves this attention!

Bye for now,